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Free Manual Exposure Ebook with Purchase of the Paperback Book

Manual Exposure paperback book

Manual Exposure, my debut novel, is now available as a paperback book. I’m happy to share that readers who purchase a paperback copy of my book will receive a Kindle version of Manual Exposure for FREE! Remember, you can read the Kindle version on your computer, phone, and your tablet–you don’t need a Kindle to read the ebook.

I’ll soon have signed paperbacks available for sale, so please stay tuned. Send me a note if you can’t wait until they go live on my site.

kindle matchbook program

Send me a request for an Authorgraph, and I’ll sign your ebook!

Manual Exposure paperback book
An actual copy of the paperback. I love the smooth matte finish. I couldn’t be more pleased!


In January, when I’d first received my paperback proofs, I posted the following video on my Facebook fan page. I was apprehensive about filming myself as I opened this monumental package, but I hit record knowing that I could always choose not to share this moment with the world. While I won’t win an award for smoothness of execution, I decided to share this moment with anyone who cares to watch it. I’m proud of the journey I’ve taken to get to this point, and more importantly, I believe in the story I’ve written. I don’t know what lies ahead for me, but with the publication of this book, I’ve lassoed the moon and danced across the stars. Fulfilling my lifelong dream has had a profound effect on my life, and I am happy to share it with others, if only to give them a little encouragement so that they may keep working toward achieving their own goals.


Keep Love and Kindness on Repeat!


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Throwback Thursday: Walkman Player and E.T.

Jeannie Bushnell with Walkman

I still own two of the three things featured in this photograph. The plastic E.T. is in my studio, and I’m currently shopping for a new battery for the Strawberry Shortcake watch that I’m wearing in this photo. The headphones went to “headphone heaven” a long time ago. E.T. still speaks when you pull his string. The toys from my youth were made to last.

My protruding tongue tells you how unhappy I was to receive E.T. instead of the Walkman cassette player gifted to another family member. E.T. didn’t stand a chance next to portable music.

Jeannie Bushnell with Walkman


Want to feel super old? Watch the “Kids React to Walkmans” video for more old school hilarity. These kids don’t know how easy they’ve got it! Oh yeah, get off my lawn! Warning: Be prepared to become addicted to this hilarious show.

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Snow Day in Charlotte, North Carolina

Photograph of Jeannie Bushnell Snow Charlotte

Snow days in the South are much more fun than snow days in the North. My sixteen years in Illinois were filled with snow and ice storms that felt unending. As a native Texan, I’m happy to be located in a place where snow doesn’t wear out its welcome, but visits often enough to keep the magic and love of snow alive. The local news has forecast 7-10 inches of snow for our area, and the snow is definitely sticking and packing on the streets. Stay safe and warm, and bring those pets inside!

Find out more about Winter Storm Pax.

Photograph of Jeannie Bushnell Snow Charlotte


Update: Check it out!! We did get a lot of snow–almost ten inches!!!

Snow in Charlotte