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Walt Disney World Trip Essentials

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Planning a trip to Walt Disney World requires essential items needed for the mode of transportation you’ll take, the food required during transport, and the daily necessities while in the parks. Here is a list of the items I think are important and will continue to add to the list as needed. Any suggestions that you think I’ve overlooked?

I’ll be driving to Orlando, Florida, with two other adults, a cat, and a dog. My essentials may not be identical to your list due to a change in transportation methods or whether or not you are traveling with others, including kids and pets.

Sunscreen keeps us from looking old and protects us from skin cancer. I’ve used this specific brand and SPF rating for years. I love it. Light and non-greasy, I don’t get breakouts from it and it keeps my face from feeling heavy. While driving, I’ll have the moonroof open and I want to be protected from the sun. The size of the tubes are great to keep with me at the parks, too!

I mostly drink water when I travel, and I’ve heard that the water at the parks is not that appetizing. I’ve read that the park does not have many stations to refill water bottles, so I will be relying on the free cups of water they provide throughout the park. Again, this is a great item for when I drive, too. We can refill it as needed along the road during potty breaks and gas stops.

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