Planning a Frugal Disney Trip

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I haven’t had a vacation since my trip to Boston in 2004. Yes, I’ve had some work trips for book signings, but I haven’t had a vacation that included sightseeing, swimming, exploring a different city, etc…. Twenty-five years ago, I went to Disney World for the first time at the age of 21. It coincided with Disney’s 25th Anniversary celebration. Starting in October 2001, Disney will begin an 18-month celebration for their 50th Anniversary. I’m hoping they start the party early with some decorations, because in September I’m GOING TO DISNEY!!!

Wow, so much has changed in 25 years. I’ll be 46 years old, driving to Florida with two other adults, a dog, a cat, and staying in my first Air B&B experience. Fully vaccinated in May against COVID-19, I feel more secure about travel and the opportunity to enjoy Disney. I expect their mask and social distancing policies to still be in place. I don’t know what the future holds, but I love the special bookends of visiting Disney for their 25th and 50th celebrations. I’m much older than I was when I went the first time around and found that trip to be exhausting. I’m vegan this time around and I’ll be on the search for some good eats while keeping my tight budget in check. I hope you’ll come along as I share my journey of planning the trip and experiencing it.

I’ll be posting here and at a sister sight and hope you will join the conversation and share your tips and tricks for the park and Orlando as a whole.

Keep Love and Kindness on Repeat,


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