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Throwback Thursday: Walkman Player and E.T.

Jeannie Bushnell with Walkman

I still own two of the three things featured in this photograph. The plastic E.T. is in my studio, and I’m currently shopping for a new battery for the Strawberry Shortcake watch that I’m wearing in this photo. The headphones went to “headphone heaven” a long time ago. E.T. still speaks when you pull his string. The toys from my youth were made to last.

My protruding tongue tells you how unhappy I was to receive E.T. instead of the Walkman cassette player gifted to another family member. E.T. didn’t stand a chance next to portable music.

Jeannie Bushnell with Walkman


Want to feel super old? Watch the “Kids React to Walkmans” video for more old school hilarity. These kids don’t know how easy they’ve got it! Oh yeah, get off my lawn! Warning: Be prepared to become addicted to this hilarious show.