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For voice over and narration work, please see a reading example.

The following links refer to articles I’ve written for Bushnell Unscripted, I Heart Veg, and When The Muse Strikes.

Bushnell Unscripted Highlight Reel

Traveling Author: Bechtler by Night Scavenger Hunt

My Visit to the 2014 South Carolina Book Festival in Columbia, South Carolina

Bookmarks Festival in Winston-Salem: An Author Milestone

Book Review: Afro-Vegan Cookbook by Bryant Terry


I Heart Veg – A Vegan Bakery

I am a vegan baker and have had the privilege of feeding lots of hungry people – vegan or not. For a year of my life I lived in the Asheville/Black Mountain area of North Carolina, and I operated a vegan bakery. The residents opened their arms and hearts to me, and I had the honor of filling their stomachs with vegan goodness.

Food Should Taste Good Chip Review

Will Travel for Vegan Food Visits I Heart Veg

Vegan Easter Bunnies and Eggs



When The Muse Strikes

When The No Black Cat Adoptions AKA Denying An Animal A Home

Review: Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles


Interviews with and mentions of Jeannie M. Bushnell

In May 2012, Kristin Lajeunesse interviewed Jeannie as part of her Will Travel For Vegan Food journey.

Jeannie was listed as one of the “14 Most Memorable People” author Kristin Lajeunesse met while traveling across the United States. See the entry for Jeannie Striegel.

Fiona McVie interviewed Jeannie about her book, Manual Exposure.


Printed Materials

I created and wrote copy for the Kankakee County Humane Society newsletter and website. Here are sample pages from those newsletters.


As a ghostwriter, I am frequently employed to create materials for newsletters that require a call-to-action piece that is both informative and demonstrative of need for the nonprofit organization.



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