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Unboxing the We R Makers Thermal Cinch Book Binding Machine with Extras – Does the finished product lay-flat?

I purchased the We R Makers Thermal Cinch Book Binding Machine with Extras on HSN. Before I purchased, I asked We R Makers if the finished items would lay-flat. They told me that the finished product was not meant to be totally flat, and to consider it like a paperback book. I couldn’t find where they responded to me, but I did see that someone else asked the same question. Here is a snapshot of the answer:

The video below is the unboxing of my Thermal Cinch. The machine does use consumables, such as spines and glue strips. You can create your own spines and purchase the glue strips from We R Makers or purchase them online. Below are links to glue strips online. I haven’t used them myself, but these links should help with search terms and to familiarize yourself with what you would seek should you want to purchase glue strips online.

Items to check out on Amazon (affiliate links):
and you can even purchase presentation covers that make things a little easier or professional, depending on your use:

Now you can purchase the machines at Amazon, and they even have a nice bundle.

Machines now available:

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