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Books to Support the Caregiver

As November comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to applaud the caregivers among us who do the work of an army, and often without much appreciation or recognition. November is National Family Caregivers Month, but as we all know, the care never stops, and caregivers are always in need of our support. I am a caregiver for someone who has a Traumatic Brain Injury and Bipolar 1 Personality Disorder. My heart goes out to every person who gives their time, heart, and energy to another in the hopes of helping them have a better life. I hope you find something in the list below that may help you or someone that you know. Remember, a little support in the way of a shoulder to lean upon or an ear to vent to can go a long way for the the caregiver who is exhausted and in need of some care themselves. Self care is missing in the lives of many caregivers, and any time that can be spent focusing on a calm mind is a supportive bonus for many people.

Don’t forget the free downloadable book links at the bottom! You can lend them to anyone you wish!

*Remember, the price of the books listed may change and some may no longer be free by the time you go to grab them. I do not control the price of the books and/or the ability to offer them for free.*

Books for Purchase

Free Books (at time of posting)

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