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New Products at Bushnell Unscripted Handmade

Have you checked out my online shop at Etsy lately? There are many new items available for order that may be perfect for your loved ones this holiday season. Soon, all items that are available at Etsy will be available here, in my own site store, and while you can purchase some items, the catalog is still growing.


Sublimated scarves are new for December 2021! I’ve been making fleece scarves since 2006 and still wear my original scarf that I used as my test item. My sublimated scarves are a generous 60″ long with 3″ fringe on both ends of the scarf. The sublimated image is on one side of the scarf, and if you desire, you can switch it to either shoulder or flip over the scarf if you don’t wish to show the image. The sublimated designs are permanent and soft. Keep an eye out for more designs and colors.

Book Nerd Floral Scarf
You Can’t Buy Love But You Can Rescue It! Scarf
Just a Girl Who Loves Christmas Gnome Scarf
I Don’t Like Morning People or Mornings or People Gnome Scarf


My new pendants can be used as the focal point for a necklace, keychain, or dangle for your journal. I am offering them on ball chains in a variety of sizes. All come boxed and ready for gift giving. The pendants are in a silver finish and the embedded items have been sealed with UV Resin.

Birds Love on the Line Hugs and Kisses Pendant
Birds Love on the Line Hugs and Kisses Pendant
Have Hope Pendant Necklace
Have Hope Pendant