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It is always a good day to be above ground…

I made my first trip out to a cemetery as a volunteer photographer. The day couldn’t have been more made-to-order for me. It is a lovely 60F with cloudy skies, rain coming off and on, and Autumn leaves falling all around.

Before the rain hit, I wanted to scoot over to the cemetery and see if I could locate a specific grave for someone who has requested a photo. I wasn’t able to find the grave, so I’ve reached out to the cemetery for some assistance in locating it. I hope they’ll be able to help me fulfill the request.

While I wandered around, I captured some updated photos for graves that were near me. I really enjoyed the process and loved the quiet and peace around me. I’ve recently been bitten by the ancestry bug, and I can’t get enough of researching my own ancestors, so I hope that my photos will help those are searching for their own family. It is such a sweet gift for people to donate time, photos, and knowledge for others to enjoy. I’ve certainly appreciated it in my own searches.

If you are wondering how you can help, you can also sign up at Find A Grave. You’ll be fulfilling a needed service, and you will be filled with gratitude with the blessing of enjoying the beautiful day. No matter our worries, it is always a good day to be above ground.