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Manual Exposure Reader Review: Sunset

DG Kaye Review
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To highlight some of the amazing reviews Manual Exposure is receiving from readers, I am recreating the reviews on my original photographs. This creative outlet gives me the opportunity to express how grateful I am that they have taken the time to leave a review. So often we love something and fail to make note of it. I encourage all of you to leave a review for the books that you’ve loved. It could be the very thing a writer needs to encourage them to keep writing.

This photograph was taken in Illinois. The sunsets on the flat horizon can be very beautiful, and I just happened to be standing in the right spot at the right time. There was no need for a filter, as the sky was just that color. Amazing, right?

I hope you enjoy the images, and I hope the reviews encourage you to read my book.

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DG Kaye Review

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4 thoughts on “Manual Exposure Reader Review: Sunset

  1. I am humbled and honored that you chose to display my review! <3

    1. 🙂 I loved it! Thank you for reading my book and for leaving a review. Highlighting reviews in this way allows me to bring them center stage.

      1. You are very welcome – thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂

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