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Manual Exposure: Chapter One – Free Download and Audio File

Cover Art for Manual Exposure Book

Cover Art for Manual Exposure Book

Manual Exposure – A New Adult Romance

In anticipation of my book launch, I’d like to share the first chapter of my book, Manual Exposure, with you. I’ve created the chapter in both an .epub and .mobi file. You can easily download these files into your favorite reader!
Don’t have a portable reader? If you use Adobe Digtial Editions, you can read it on your desktop.

UPDATE: I’m currently updating these files – they will be back shortly!

Additionally, I’ve recorded the first chapter as an audio file. Simply click and listen to the file below.

UPDATE: The updated audio file will be back shortly!

Let me know if you read it, listened to it, or did a combination. I love hearing how readers find my work, too.

I hope you enjoy the first chapter of my book and are excited to learn more about Sage and Kirby!

In case you were wondering…

What is a New Adult Romance?

Simply put, it is a romance novel set during the time when we are new adults. Between the ages of 18-25, our lives are marked with our first taste of freedom, a willingness to explore and take risks, and for many, the desire to experience and develop intimate relationships. The New Adult genre highlights this transitional period of our lives. As a romance novel, the romance is the driving force of the story.

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Biting Into the New Adult Romance Genre: Manual Exposure

book cover for New Adult Romance Manual Exposure Jeannie M. Bushnell

The first chapter of my manuscript, “Manual Exposure,” is available (free of charge) for you to read at Harlequin’s annual “So You Think You Can Write” writing contest, on the Wattpad site. The contest is open to writers wishing to publish in the “New Adult” Romance genre. The new genre is about the time in our lives when we are, simply, new adults (ages 18 -25).

book cover for New Adult Romance Manual Exposure Jeannie M. Bushnell
I created this book cover! I captured the mountains in the fall of 2011.



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