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Extinguishing the Creative Flame

6 Apr

candle light

This post is about Sarah Daltry’s decision to stop publishing her art. If you read her words and walk away feeling smug or ambivalent, you have thoroughly missed the point. I don’t know Sarah personally, but she was one of the first online book launch parties I attended, and I found her to be funny […]

To The Moon and Back

24 Mar

Photo of Jeannie's dog, Grandbury

Today marks the two year anniversary of the death of my beloved dog, Grandbury. He was just eight weeks shy of turning eighteen! He was a German Shepherd mix, and he was an amazing dog. I always told him that I loved him “to the moon and back” and promised that I would be with […]

Lucky In Love: Married For Love Alone

14 Mar

Jeannie's Wedding Reception

Part Four of my Lucky In Love Series – My True Romance The first day I walked onto the Texas Woman’s University campus in Denton, Texas, I said I wanted to be married in The Little Chapel-in-the-Woods. I never imagined that day would come in just nineteen months, but it did, and we were married […]

Lucky in Love: On The Way To The Chapel

13 Mar

Jeannie and her husband on his beloved Goldwing.

Part Three of my Lucky In Love Series – My True Romance I had a written plan for my future. I never intended to marry until I was at least twenty-seven. I met Loren, and the plan went out the window. Yes, he regrets the eyeglass frames and the mustache. I had big glasses, but […]

Lucky in Love: How We Met

10 Mar

Jeannie at the TWU Fountain

My husband and I met on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). I initially used the system to communicate with my boyfriend who had moved to another city, but I loved talking to people all over the world. I met Loren online when I was bored and sick with both mono and strep throat. I didn’t have […]

Seek Rainbows: Thoughts on Depression

8 Mar

Rainbow in Charlotte, NC

Friends, I know some of you are hurting and in a dark place. I want you to remember that good things are on the horizon. I know it may not seem like it, but better days are ahead. Happiness can seem elusive, always wiggling out of reach. Recognizing the opportunity for happiness is similar to […]

March: Lucky in Love

1 Mar

Jeannie M. Bushnell Engagement Photo

March is a special month for me, as it is the month of my wedding anniversary. I’m not the world’s luckiest person, for I have been known to attract misfortune. Yes, I’m the person who causes my friends to proclaim, “I never knew anyone experienced stuff like that until I met you.” I obviously wasn’t […]

Reflections on the Savannah Book Festival: My Day With Alice Hoffman, Wiley Cash, Hugh Howey, Anita Shreve, and Megan McArdle

22 Feb

Savannah Book Festival Author Tent

This past weekend, I escaped the ten inches of snow we received in Charlotte, North Carolina, to attend the seventh annual Savannah Book Festival in Savannah, Georgia. On the way down, I was stuck in traffic for two hours, as a tractor trailer had hit a guard rail and caught on fire. Thankful for my […]

Throwback Thursday: Jeannie Bundled Up

30 Jan

Photograph of Jeannie M. Bushnell as a young child in a coat.

 Neither the cold nor the coat pleased me. Roanoke, Virginia

Show Your Gratitude: 365 Grateful Project Challenge

18 Jan

kitchen tool with redhair

There are many things one may say about me, but I hope one of the traits that float to the top of that alphabet soup is how thankful I am. In my life I’ve gone without food, medical care, and many other necessities of life that some people never think twice about. The one deficiency […]

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