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My Visit to the 2014 South Carolina Book Festival in Columbia, South Carolina

22 Jul

Jeannie with Pat Conroy Signature

The third weekend in May, I attended The South Carolina Book Festival in Columbia, South Carolina. Held at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center,  the festival is a free program of The Humanities Council of South Carolina. The event was blessed with great weather. This was my first visit to Columbia, and the drive down from Charlotte […]

Remembering Sweet Tristan

22 Jul

Jeannie's Siberian Husky Tristan in a Mobility Cart

Tristan was our beloved and challenging middle dog. He was an intelligent Siberian Husky who believed he was the leader of our pack, and his dominance issues with our older dog always kept us on our toes. In the last year of his life, he suffered from Canine Cognitive Disorder and had Degenerative Myelopathy. Essentially, […]

Book Review: Afro-Vegan Cookbook by Bryant Terry

20 Jul

Afro-Vegan Cookbook by Bryant Terry

I’m pleased to present the review of and my cooking adventures with The Afro-Vegan cookbook by Bryant Terry. As a cookbook collector, I think the cookbook is beautiful. The plant-based recipes are southern with African and Caribbean influences. In the words of the author: Imagine if you removed the animal products from African, Caribbean, Southern, […]

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