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Throwback Thursday: Walkman Player and E.T.

17 Apr

Jeannie Bushnell with Walkman

I still own two of the three things featured in this photograph. The plastic E.T. is in my studio, and I’m currently shopping for a new battery for the Strawberry Shortcake watch that I’m wearing in this photo. The headphones went to “headphone heaven” a long time ago. E.T. still speaks when you pull his […]

Extinguishing the Creative Flame

6 Apr

candle light

This post is about Sarah Daltry’s decision to stop publishing her art. If you read her words and walk away feeling smug or ambivalent, you have thoroughly missed the point. I don’t know Sarah personally, but she was one of the first online book launch parties I attended, and I found her to be funny […]

Manual Exposure Reader Review: Sunset

1 Apr

DG Kaye Review

To highlight some of the amazing reviews Manual Exposure is receiving from readers, I am recreating the reviews on my original photographs. This creative outlet gives me the opportunity to express how grateful I am that they have taken the time to leave a review. So often we love something and fail to make note […]

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